We have started minting a new exclusive NFT collection on Binance NFT marketplace.

This will give us a lot more of visibility.


We have proven expertise leading the long-term gaming project known as HodlerHeroes NFT where our achievements were even recognized by Pinksale's team in 2021 (check tweet). Our whole team is battle-tested inside the Defi environment after demonstrating great capabilities when overcoming challenging situations along the way.



Operating / Support


Boris KYC

Operating / Design


Gus Silva DOX

Lead Community Manager

Pinksale's KYC Badge

KYC is a mandatory process of identifying and verifying our identity complying with standards that are designed to protect investors against fraud. You'll confirm that we have a KYC approved when you access our Pinksale page.


We have KYC from our previous project HodlerHeroes NFT and we'll have for BELP's new launch, too:



Information / Support



Information / Design

Multiple Features

We are guaranteeing the following features for Baby Elephant token in the short term.

Collectable NFT's


A limited batch of 4000 of the Cutest and most original mind-blowing cards available with a unique design each, minted on different networks: BSC, Polygon, Solana, ETH

Receive passive rewards in WBNB for the BSC minted NFT's.
Win prizes from the Lottery pool for minting on ETH, MATIC and SOL.


Get your BELP NFT

Binance Network

Passive WBNB reward
Baby Doge item (30%)
Access to Lottery

Ethereum Network

Access to Lottery
Baby Doge item (30%)
Passive WBNB reward

Polygon Network

Access to Lottery
Baby Doge item (30%)
Passive WBNB reward

Solana Network

Access to Lottery
Baby Doge item (30%)
Passive WBNB reward

Baby Doge + WBNB

Holding Baby Elephant Token will reward you with a passive income in Baby Doge Coin in proportion to the amount of BELP that you bought.

What is more, for every BELP NFT minted on BSC, you will receive WBNB as follows: 2% of buy + 3% of sell BELP transactions + 3% of marketplace sales.


NFT Lottery Pool

A Lottery Pool will be created from marketplace sales commissions for ETH, Polygon, SOL networks.

Collectors minting Baby Elephant NFT's using the mentioned tokens will participate of regular Lottery events that will take place in our Telegram groups.


Holding $BELP will allow you to place bets on the battles played with the HHNFT V1 game during live AMA's.

We designed a friendly and attractive online app where investors are able to earn money with a few simple clicks.


HodlerHeroes NFT Game V1


Mini Games

We are already developing a first version of the classical Vertical Jumping Game with a cute and original Baby Elephant layout.

Anyone will be able to play it for free, though BELP investors will participate of weekly and monthly rankings with prizes in $BELP and NFT's for the top players.

Buy your tickes

Buy your tickets in advance for the first version of the Vertical Jumping game introduced in the Baby Elephant ecosystem.

10 tickets = u$5,00 (paid in $BELP)
20 tickets = u$10,00 (paid in $BELP)
30 tickets = u$15,00 (paid in $BELP)

1 ticket = 3 rounds inside the game, best score shows in the ranking and competes for weekly and montlhy prizes. For more information join our social networks!

Join our group now!


Total Supply: ($BELP) 14.000.000
Click on each box to see fees' break down



4% Reflections
2% NFT Rewards
2% Marketing
1% Go to LP



4% Reflections
2% NFT Rewards
2% Marketing
1% Go to LP


We have proven to comply with our roadmaps.

Progressive Burns


30 days


60 days


90 days


120 days


150 days

The Whitepaper

Compliance, Integrity and Responsibility are three of the main words to describe our fundamentals.

The purpose of our white paper is to explain our goals for the project, from a perspective built of the experience we gained leading our previous project HodlerHeroes NFT, making a 35x on price at ATH and being listed as TOP GAINERS on CMC (check tweet)

In order to successfully comply with these proposed goals, we planned new attractive features for the investors to ape in and start making profits in the short term.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Total Supply: 14.000.000 (50% will be burned). Symbol: BELP. Decimals: 18
Yes. The contract was audited by Pinksale's official partner BlockSAFU. View Audit
BELP contract address: 0x58f3522136fd198BB2E7821a0F267AB6C8a281FD
You can buy BELP via PancakeSwap or PooCoin official websites ONLY AFTER THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH (Token Listing).
Buy and Sell Fees are 9% each, but we recommend to set slippage from 11% to 15%
  • 1st Baby Doge Coin Reflections

  • 2nd Bet To Earn

  • 3rd Access to Game Rankings

  • 4th Access to Lottery Events

BELP NFT BSC contract address: 0x32fC3de2344C90cFf0d89A8e904C6744Fb93D067
BELP NFT ETH contract address: 0xBA08e2b795bf0c54ED24bd80267C5165cF454243
BELP NFT POLYGON contract address: 0xC1Be86cDca05ec8CC6B04a11DA0d543942EB80d7
Yes, you can. Consult your wallet provider's instructions for more details.
Only 4000 Baby Elephant NFT's will be minted in total (1000 on each of these networks: BSC, ETH, MATIC, SOL). Each NFT has a unique design built up from a combination of different custom-made layers.
Base price of each NFT will be approximately 30 BUSD. Then, value will be subject to the Marketplace demands.
You will receive passive WBNB rewards per NFT minted on BSC (2% from BELP buy fees + 3% from BELP sell fees + 3% from Marketplace sales). If you mint your NFT on ETH, MATIC or SOL, you will be eligible to participate of regular Lottery events.
Yes, there are many other exclusive benefits such as the access to mini game rankings, access to the Lottery Pool (ETH, MATIC, SOL) and further advantages to be announced in the future.